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Crude Oil Prices Are Affected By Many Economic As Well As Political News. OPEC Output, Supply And Spare Capacities, Increased Demand From Emerging And Developing Countries, US Crude And Products Inventories Data, Currency Fluctuations, Weather Conditions, Speculative Buying And Selling & Changes in The Refining Sector, For Example, a drop in the Refinery Utilization Rate Of Mcx Crude Oil.Crude Oil Are Major Power or Source Of Energy To The Whole World Economy. So, We Have Team of 26 Peroples Who Are Dedicately Working On The Fluctaions Of Crude Oil Prices In The Markets. Our Team Of Experts Assures Above 99% Accuracy in Monthly Basis.We Provide Full Follow Up And Support During Market Hours To Increase The Efficiency Of Our Crude Oil Tips.

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"No More Confusion!!! Our Research Tips are With One Target and Stoploss With Highest Intraday Accuracy"
"Our Reaserch and Analysis Based Tips are Intraday Validity Only"
**90-99% ACCURACY.
"Unbeatable Crude Oil Tips are Covered By QNTO Technology Which Assure Highest Intraday Accuracy"
"We Have Very Expensive Team of CFA Professionals"
"Our Tips are Covered By The Full Proof Follow-Up By Which You Enjoy More And More Profit"
"In This Service You Will Make Sure Profit  of Rs 3000 - 15000 Per Unbeatable Crude Oil Tip"
"Online and Offline Support Will Be Provided To You Via Yahoo messenger,WhatsApp,FaceBook G-talk Etc"
"Our All Offices Are Open From 8:00Am To 11:50Pm"

Sample Calls

Crude Oil Sell At 3275 - 3280 Target 3240  Stoploss 3310
Crude Oil Target Achieved!!!
**Total Profit 3500

Crude Oil Buy At 3325 - 3330 Target 3365 Stoploss 3295
Trade In 2 Lots
Crude Oil Target Achieved!!!
**Total Profit 7000

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